Superintendent of Hall
James Chick 933-4532
Superintendent of Home Arts & Crafts
Diana L. Morgan 754-1637
A Big Thank you to:
Longfellow's Greenhouses
Exhibition Hall Entry Display

  1. Exhibition Hall will be open to exhibitors on Tuesday from Noon to 8 PM and on Wednesday from 8 AM to 10 AM. After that time the Hall will be closed for Judging
  2. Exhibits may be removed from the Hall on Sunday from 8 to 11 AM. No exhibits may be removed from on Saturday without the express permission of the Supt. of Hall or the Supt. Of Arts and Crafts.
  3. In Class VI and VII exhibitors may enter UP TO 10 PROJECTS but no more than that. PLEASE NOTE: Cooked foods and baked items are eliminated this year. Please read all of the categories carefully as adjustment have been make to accommodate for June fair dates.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: All entries will be judged keeping age of exhibitor in mind, therefore youth and adult exhibits will be treated fairly.
  5. No item may be entered for more than one premium.
  6. Items in Class VI and VII must have been crafted within 24 months and not previously exhibited at Monmouth Fair. Note: that no more than 10 projects per entrant may be entered.
  7. Exhibits will be protected after hours in the secured and locked building.
  8. For information or clarification for exhibits please call 933-4532 or 754-1637

Due to Covid-19 Monmouth Fair will not have Baked Foods In 2021.


Premiums for B-1 through B-15
1st $4.00 | 2nd $3.00 | 3rd $2.50

B-1 Best Exhibit 5 Radishes with Tops
B-2 Best Exhibit Beet Greens 1 bunch with tops
B-3 Best Exhibit Parsnips 3 Roots with tops
B-4 Best Exhibit Kale
B-5 Best Exhibit Leaf Lettuce
B-6 Best Exhibit Spinach
B-7 Best Exhibit 5 Peas in a Pod
B-8 Best Exhibit Garlic 3 bulbs
B-9 Best Exhibit Asparagus 6 stalks
B-10 Best Exhibit in season vegetable not listed above
B-11 Best Exhibit Rhubarb 6 Stalks
B-12 Best Exhibit Strawberries (1 pint)
B-13 Best Exhibit Fruits/Berries in season
B-14 Best Exhibit Herbs
B-15 Best Exhibit 6 pack seedlings same variety (vegetable)


All exhibits in Flowers will be judged for display, freshness, container, and attention to exhibit specifications.
Premiums for C-1 through C-21
1st $4.50 | 2nd $3.00 | 3rd $2.50

C-1 Best Exhibit of Irises -3 spike
C-2 Best Exhibit of Peonies
C-3 Best Exhibit of Lilies, any variety ( 3 - 5 spikes)
C-4 Best Exhibit of Lupine - 3 spikes
C-5 Best Exhibit of Pansies
C-6 Best Exhibit of Columbine
C-7 Best Exhibit of Lilacs
C-8 Best Exhibit of Bulb flowers in season 6 or more blooms
C-9 Best Exhibit Flower Seedlings 6 Pack same variety
C-10 Best Display of any other early summer flower
(5 blooms or sprays)
C-11 Best Display of Wildflowers (5 or more stems)


The following are arrangements that may be entered:

C-12 Arrangement in pink
C-13 Arrangement in red
C-14 Arrangement in white/Yellow
C-15 Arrangement in blue and/or purple
C-16 Arrangement of strictly foliage
C-17 Arrangement of dried flowers
House Plants must have been in your possession for 90 days.
Please, no hanging plants

C-18 Best Display Fern
C-19 Best Display African Violet
C-20 Best Display Succulent
C-21 Other Unspecified Plant


Must be displayed in clear jars.
Premiums for D-1 through D-7
1st $3.50 | 2nd $3.00 | 3rd $2.50

D-1 Canned vegetables-3 varieties, no more, no less
D-2 Pickles, Relishes - 3 varieties, no more, no less
D-3 Jellies, Jams - 3 varieties, no more, no less
2 varieties - no more no less
D-4 Salsa, 1 container
D-5 Maple Syrup (pint)
D-6 Honey in comb
D-7 Honey (pint)


Premiums for E-1 through E-4
1st $2.50 | 2nd $2.00 | 3rd $1.50

E-1 Best ½ pound Butter
E-2 Best ½ dozen brown eggs
E-3 Best ½ dozen white eggs
E-4 Best ½ dozen any other eggs


All Articles to be Labeled

F-1 Grange Exhibits $100 $90 $80

Score Card for Grange Exhibits

1Quality of products displayed200
2Quantity and distribution of products150
3Variety of products150
4General appearance of exhibit as a whole150
5Arrangement (in relation to grouping of
related products)
6Originality of theme (plan) of exhibit75
7Neatness and orderliness of exhibit75
8Adequate labeling of exhibit 50
9Bible and flag50
Total 1000


Items in Class VI and VII must have been crafted within the past 24 months and not previously exhibited at Monmouth Fair. One entry per person per category, please.
NOTE: only 10 total items per entrant for Class VI & VII (Please read categories carefully - Only items listed will be
accepted for exhibit.)
No more than one article to be entered in a division of Class VI except where specified.
All articles must be clearly identified on Entry Tag.
Premiums on the following will be paid on each of the various types of fancy work such as knitted, crocheted, braided, latch hook, etc.

Premiums for H-1 through J-1

1st $5.00 | 2nd $4.50 | 3rd $4.00

H-1 Fill-size bed Afghan
H-2 Lap throw Afghan
H-3 Rug - Hooked or Braided
H-4 Bedspread
H-5 Tablecloth
H-6A Lap Quilt
H-6B Appliqued Quilt
H-6C Pieced Quilt
H-6D Whole Cloth Quilt
H-6E Quilt Top
I-1 Adult Clothing, such as Dress, Sweater, Jumper, Blouse, Shirt, Skirt
J-1 Child's Dress, Sweater, Other Clothing


Premiums for K-1 through K-8
1st $4.00 | 2nd $3.50 | 3rd $3.00

K-1 Afghan, crib size
K-2 3-piece Baby Set
K-3 Dress
K-4 Sweater
K-5 Bootees
K-6 Bonnet
K-7 Quilt, crib size
K-8 Bib


Premiums for L-1 through L-25
1st $4.00 | 2nd $3.50 | 3rd $3.00

L-1 Stuffed Animal
L-2 Stuffed Doll
L-3 Pair Mittens or Gloves
L-5 Hat
L-6 Scarf
L-7 Handbag
L-8 Doily/Towel Edging
L-9 Picture-framed ready to hang
L-10 Sampler Framed Ready to Hang
L-11 Doll Clothes (3 pieces)
L-12 Pair Pillow Slips
L-13 Decorative Clothing
L-14 Doll with hand made clothing
L-15 Apron
L-16 Wall Hanging
L-17 Pillow
L-18 Pair of Stockings
L-19 Pot Holders- collection of 3
L-20 Christmas Stocking
L-21 Pair place mats
L-22 Dish cloth (3 pieces)
L-23 Table Runner
L-24 Scarf, Hat & Mitten set
L-25 Christmas Tree Skirt


Paintings and drawings. need to be suitably framed and ready to hang.
Please, no string, tape, or yarn.
Photographs may be entered matted or framed.

Each painting/drawing/photograph entry may be any subject, however, please note that an entrant may only have one in each category name of your choosing. Questions? Contact the Hall Superintendent.


N-1Painting - Adult (Oil, acrylic, watercolors, etc.) $5.00$4.50$4.00
N-2 Painting - Youth under 16 (Oil, acrylic, watercolors, etc.)$3.00$2.50$2.00
N-3Drawing - Adult (Pastel, chalk, charcoal, pencil, other)$4.50$4.00$3.50
N-4Drawing - Youth under 16 (Pastel, chalk, charcoal, pencil, other) $3.50$3.00$2.50
N-5 Photography - B/W or Color matted or framed$4.00$3.50$3.00


No model cars to be entered in this class - see O-30


Premiums for O-1 through O-3
1st $5.00 | 2nd $4.00 | 3rd $3.50

O-1 Best Creative Hobby Adult
O-2 Best Creative Hobby 12-16
O-3 Best Creative Hobby under 12
Items listed in O-4 to O-32 will be judged as Youth (15 and under) and Adult (16 and over).
Prize awards same for both.
Premiums for O-4 through O-36
1st $4.50 | 2nd $4.00 | 3rd $3.50

All items in O-4 to O-32 to consist of ONE piece or one set unless otherwise specified.
O-4 Candles
O-5 Caning
O-6 Ceramic
O-7 Decorated Wreath
O-8 Crewel
O-9 Handmade Jewelry
O-10 Leatherwork
O-11 Stamped Cross Stitch
O-12 Counted Cross Stitch
O-13 Needlepoint
O-14 Plastic Canvas Needlework
O-15 Beadwork
O-16 Metalwork
O-17 Christmas Tree Ornaments - 3 pieces
O-18 Photography (snap-shot Collection of 5 mounted)
O-19 Shell work
O-20 Stained Glass Creation
O-21 Weaving
O-22 Woodcraft
O-23 Crafted Birdhouse
O-24 Crafted Lamp or Lampshade
O-25 Needle Felting
O-26 Needlepoint
O-27 Stamping Collection of 3
O-28 Stencil Painting
O-29 Decorative Painting on Wood
O-30 Decorative Painting on Metal
O-31 Folk Art
O-32 Soap
O-33 Craft from recycled materials
O-34 Toy Model or construction from Lego® May be one item or a model unit display
O-35 Scrapbooking (3-4 page sample)
O-36All other entries not listed in a category above.